About Us

Transforming living spaces into eco-conscious havens, Urmi Creations has been a trailblazer in sustainable sophistication for the past decade. Rooted in a deep appreciation for impeccable design and a steadfast commitment to the environment, we present a thoughtfully curated array of home decor, planters, glassware & jars, serving platters, sustainable gift hampers, and corporate gifts that redefine opulence through eco-friendliness.

A Decade Devoted to Sustainable Living

Established in 2013, Urmi Creations has embarked on a relentless journey to harmonize luxury with sustainability. Over the last ten years, we have honed our expertise, nurtured a dedication to eco-responsibility, and crafted products that seamlessly blend aesthetics with conscientiousness.

Eco-Conscious Home Decor: Style with a Green Conscience

Your living spaces mirror your personality, and at Urmi Creations, we believe in adorning them with both style and substance. Our home decor collections, approached with an eco-conscious mindset, showcase sustainable materials and innovative designs that enhance your living environment while honoring the planet.

Infuse Life into Your Space with Artful Planters

Bringing nature indoors is now a refined experience. Our planters transcend mere vessels for greenery; they are exquisite works of art fashioned from sustainable materials, providing a nurturing abode for your cherished plants.

Glass & Jars: The Craft of Eco-Friendly Preservation

Beyond being containers, our glassware and jars exemplify our commitment to reducing single-use plastics. Engineered for both durability and style, they serve as ideal companions for your culinary adventures and eco-friendly kitchen storage needs.

Serving Platters: Melding Sustainability with Elegance

Elevate your dining encounters with our refined serving platters. Fashioned from eco-friendly materials, they make a statement about your dedication to sustainable living while adding a touch of sophistication to your culinary presentations.

Sustainable Gift Hampers: Heartfelt Gifts with a Green Touch

Celebrations warrant eco-conscious choices. Our sustainable gift hampers are curated with affection, ensuring your gifts not only bring joy to the recipient but also contribute positively to the environment.

Join Us on Our Sustainable Expedition

As we step into the next decade of our journey, Urmi Creations remains unwavering in pushing the boundaries of sustainable luxury. We welcome you to celebrate a lifestyle that cherishes both elegance and ethics in equal measure.


Thank you for supporting Urmi Creations as we persist in redefining luxury through eco-friendliness, leaving a positive imprint on your living spaces and our magnificent planet. Together, we shape a future where sustainable living and exquisite design seamlessly coexist.