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Bombay Sapphire Platter Set With Cork Tray

Urmi Creations

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Product: Bombay Sapphire Platter Set With Cork Tray

Capacity: 300 Ml Glasses And 450 Ml Platter

Material: Bottles

Colour: A Shade Of Blue


6.4 Cm In Length, 7.6 Cm In Height, And 22.8 Cm In Width (Platter),

12.7 Cm In Length, 7.5 Cm In Height, 7.5 Cm In Width (Glasses), 

5.4 Cm In Length, 7.5 Cm In Width (Dips), 

32 Cm In Diameter And 2.5 Cm In Thickness (Cork Tray)

Weight Of Product: 2kg

Country Of Origin: Made In India

Searching for the perfect welcoming present or conversation starter for your upcoming gathering? It's here! This repurposed bottle plate is ideal for individuals who enjoy balancing simplicity and style. Whatever you serve will look stunning against the backdrop created by this bottle-shaped dish.

About the product:

This platter has a first-of-its-kind incredible design and idea, is entirely made of recycled glass bottles, and is completely safe. It also comes without a stand.

Perfect for:

Wish to have a little elegance and simplicity? This glass serving plate is perfect for households, so here it is.Present the food on this dish and relish in your simplicity as a nature lover.

This platter is great for parties, clubs, and other gatherings.