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Hanging Money Plant In Antiquity Bottle Planter

Urmi Creations

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  1. Name of Plant: Money Plant
  2. Type of Plant: Air-purifying Foliage; Location: Both indoors and outdoors
  3. Plant: Maximum Height: Inches
  4. Dimensions of the hanging antique bottle planter 11 11 26 inches Money Plants Facts:
  5. Origin: Mo'orea, high island in French Polynesia, is where this plant first appeared. Additionally, money plants can be added to the aquariums. The roots spread out to the bottom and give the illusion of floating, which is very beautiful. They also give the fish the vital nutrients they need.

Keep plants out of direct sunlight and in areas with medium light.

Although natural light is ideal, some plants can also flourish in fluorescent office lighting.

It is important to keep plant soil moist at all times.

Take care not to overwater.

Plants shouldn't be left standing in water.

Refrain from overwetting plant leaves.

In the case of flowering plants, a mist of water should be helpful.

It is best to keep plants cold (between 18 and 28°C).

Take out any dead leaves and stems as needed.